Archie Gottesman


After twenty years of creating iconic branding for Manhattan Mini Storage, (think: If You Don’t Like Gay Marriage Don’t Get Gay Married or Can’t Squeeze Another Thong Into Your Closet?) Archie Gottesman is focusing her attention on what is really keeping her up at night – disengaged Jews. True, Judaism has been around for 3,500 years, so clearly it’s working for some people, but too many of us are missing the proverbial Jewish boat. That’s where comes in! JewBelong is an online resource/movement that doesn’t care which one of your parents if Jewish, or frankly, if either one of them is. It is devoted to mining Judaism for important, meaningful content that will speak to people, especially millennials in 2016. Archie sits on numerous boards, including The Foundation for Jewish Camp and Animal Haven Shelter. She lives in Summit, NJ with her husband, three daughters and four rescue dogs.


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