Danielle Oristian York


Danielle Oristian York is the Director at 21/64. She works with multi-generational families, the next generation and their advisors on multigenerational engagement, financial literacy, and empowering the next generation. Danielle speaks nationally on these topics, convenes next gen at the #NextGenDonors Retreat, and leads trainings on 21/64's approach utilizing 21/64 tools designed to evoke an awareness of self and build the capacity for change in individuals and systems. Before 21/64, Danielle held positions at Pitcairn and UBS. Serving multi-generational families, her multi-faceted roles included developing and delivering customized financial education, facilitation of family meetings and personalized coaching and mentorship.

Danielle earned a Bachelor's of Arts from James Madison University and completed the postgraduate program at The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family at Georgetown. She is also a member of the Collaboration for Family Flourishing.  


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