Melissa Malky Weisz

Actress and Producer
Malky Squared Productions

Melissa Malky Weisz grew up in a large Hasidic family in Brooklyn. After years of questioning, she left her husband and her community. By working overnight in group homes, she was able to put herself through school and earn her B.A. in psychology. Melissa has studied acting at the New York Film Academy and other studios in New York and Los Angeles. She has been in many films including "Felix and Meira," "Blackstar" and "The Visit." 

Melissa produces videos for Diamond Lighthouse and EZ Kosher. Additionally, she produced and created a pilot for the webseries "Marry Me." Melissa is excited to be a part of Malky Squared Productions and to produce films that are close to her heart.


Balabusta Revolution: Former Ultra-Orthodox Women Break the Mold