Daniel Nadawo

Regional Supervisor
Ethiopian National Project

Daniel Nadawo, who grew up as a shepherd boy playing a recorder in the fields of the mountainous regions of Ethiopia, is now the regional supervisor for the Ethiopian National Project (ENP) and plays a leading role in forging the vision of a society in which Ethiopian-Israelis are fully integrated and are able to pursue their dreams. In 1991, at the age of 12, he made Aliyah during Operation Solomon. After finishing high school in Israel, Daniel served as an officer in the Israeli army and later received his B.A. in Criminology, Sociology and Anthropology from Bar Ilan University. Today, Daniel has extensive experience in training, management, volunteer and youth work. He is also certified to lead groups on the subject of sexuality and human health. Daniel lives in Kiryat Gat with his wife and three children.


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