Alla Magas

Active Jewish Teens Network

Alla Magas was born in Polvata and, until the age of thirteen, had absolutely no connection to the Jewish community. In 2005, after completing her studies in Moscow, she returned to her native town of Polavata and became the leader of the Progressive Judaism Movement. Two years later, she completed the Metsuda Jewish Young Leadership, an initiative of The American Join Distribution Committee (JDC). This experience served as a turning point in her quest for a strong Jewish identity.

Alla served as head of the Jewish Youth Association, a JDC program that provides Jewish education, leadership development and volunteer opportunities to youth in Ukraine. Alla was awarded the David Bitker Unsung Hero International Advisor of the Year Award. Today, Alla Magas heads the Active Jewish Teens Network in the FSU, which oversees 53 cities and over 2,600 participants.


In the Best of Times; In the Toughest of Times: Case Study on Community Building Overseas