Sharon Tal

Ruach Tova

Sharon Tal is the director of Ruach Tova, which is a part of the Arison group and one of Israel’s leading volunteer organizations. Ruach Tova organizes Good Deeds Day both nationally and internationally. As part of her responsibilities Sharon directs “Good Deeds Day-Kulanana”, a national initiative promoting social cohesion launched by the Ted Arison Family Foundation and a growing community of philanthropic partners together with Israel’s Ministry of Social Equality. The initiative cultivates the development of an increasingly cohesive community of 400 Israeli non-governmental organizations, representing Israel's diversity. As well as meeting regularly in national gatherings and regional forums, participating NGOs implement ongoing twinning projects, creating cooperation between communities that have until now worked separately. As a result, the initiative helps strengthen the fabric of Israeli society and provides hope for a better shared future.

Sharon lives in Tel Aviv with her partner Ofer and their two young children, Daniel and Ido.


Unlikely Partners: Collaborations Strengthening the Fabric of Israeli Society