Frimet Goldberger

Writer and Baker
The Babka Lady

Frimet Goldberger, also known as "The Babka Lady," is an entrepreneur who started a home bakery. Previously, as a freelance print and radio journalist, she was a regular contributor to the Forward, where she covered  important issues within the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities. 

Frimet has written widely about growing up in the Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel, and ultimately leaving with her husband and children, after they were expelled because she didn't shave her hair. Her radio stories have been broadcasted on PRI's The World, as well as on BBC World Service. Her story on the cover-up of sex abuse in the Hasidic enclave of New Square, New York, was awarded a 2015 Ippies Award for best investigative/in-depth story, and was also a finalist for a 2015 Deadline Club Award. 

Frimet received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in 2013. She also graduated with highest honors from Rockland Community College in 2011. She now lives in the suburbs of Rockland County, New York with her husband and two children. She spends most of her time in her kitchen as The Babka Lady, where she bakes sinfully-delicious chocolate/cinnamon babkas, and other unique combinations of the cosmopolitan pastry. She hopes to rent a bigger space and purchase commercial baking supplies to expand her operations, and get started on a novel. 


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