Jake Hargraves and Avra Siegel

Honeymoon Israel

Avra Siegel and Jake Hargraves met during a snowy week in New Hampshire in January of 2008 while working for a Presidential campaign. They currently live in Washington, D.C.

Avra was raised in a conservative Jewish home in New York City. Her grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust and her mother was born in a displaced persons camp after the war. Her heritage as the granddaughter of survivors had a huge impact on her and has inspired her to fight for justice, equality and human rights. This has led her to a career in public service with her latest career stint for as the Deputy Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls. She is currently the Director of Public Policy for Care.com, the world’s largest online destination for care.

Jake was raised in a small town in Arkansas in the Episcopal Church. He was raised in a progressive household where social justice and equality were fundamental to his moral upbringing. This upbringing influenced his decision to become a lawyer and his devotion to helping others. He is currently a Trial Attorney at the United States Department of Labor. As a child he had limited exposure to Judaism but through his relationship with Avra he has gained a great amount of respect for Judaism, and the morals and ethics that are common to both Judaism and Christianity.


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