Saskia Pantell

Executive Director
Zionist Federation of Sweden

Saskia Pantell is a key activist countering anti-Semitism and has been operating on a grassroots level on the front-lines in Sweden for the last decade. Since founding the Jewish Student Union at University, Saskia has served on national and European Jewish community boards, and quickly became the first Jewish representative for the Swedish governmental project for official minorities. After working at the EU office of the WJC in Brussels, and following the 2014 Operation in Gaza when the circumstances in Sweden reached an all time low, she moved on to head the Zionist Federation in Sweden. Always a representative for Jewish rights in both Sweden and the EU parliament, she continues to educate across international Jewish and Israeli organizations, and is well known for organizing Israel rallies in Stockholm for the last five years. She now serves as the Director of Digital Strategy and Development for the World Zionist Organization. 


Risk and Reality: Anti-Semitism in Europe