Tzlil Cohen

Youth Futures Mentor, Jewish Agency for Israel

Tzlil was born and raised in Arad, a periphery community in southern Israel. She was raised without a parent figure or anyone who could offer her support and believe in her. For Tzlil, childhood was anything but easy. When she was old enough Tzlil joined the army. After her service ended, she floated from one minimum wage job to the next until she heard about Youth Futures, a Jewish Agency for Israel program. She began to work at Youth Futures as a mentor, working with 16 at-risk youths over the course of three years. Tzlil decided to provide these young people with something she was unable to able to get herself when she was younger: Someone who supports and believes in them. Life in isloated Arad is difficult and job opportunities are rare, but Tzlil has been able to break the pattern. 


I am a Change Agent: Three Stories of Impact

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