Michal Barkai

Founder, Alma Pre-Army Academy for Women's Leadership

During her service in the IDF Michal realized that one's job in the military could determine their future in the state of Israel. She also discovered that not everyone was granted the same opportunities. 

It soon became clear that in the military people from better socio-economic backgrounds have more opportunities and more access. So Michal went on to law school. But halfway through, she decided that she wanted to make a real difference in Israeli society—and that a law degree wouldn’t be the way she would do it. 

Michal decided to open a pre-army program—a "mechina" for those women who were most disadvantaged. Through Michal’s program, women of immigrant families living in the periphery region would finally have the chance to compete for more select army positions. 


I am a Change Agent: Three Stories of Impact

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