Hagit Damri

Founder, Hagar Association

Hagit Damri is at the forefront of progressive education. During the years 2010-2014, when Hagit led the Hagar Association, she successfully developed it into one of the only Jewish-Arab progressive educational projects in Israel. 

The Association’s aim is to create diverse venues in which Jewish and Arab parents can raise a new generation of children immersed in peace. Currently more than 240 Arab and Jewish children in 10 different educational frameworks from daycare to elementary school are being taught there. 

Under Hagit's leadership, the organization built a Jewish-Arab pedagogical team that is now on the vanguard of progressive education in Israel. She also fostered a vibrant Jewish-Arab community and created a unique anthology of bilingual multicultural children's books. 

Driven by her passion and interest in culture and the role it plays within society, Hagit is now completing her Ph.D. in sociology and gender studies at Ben-Gurion University. 


The Beauty and Possibilities of a Shared Society in Israel

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