Dr. Dana Beyer

Executive Director, Gender Rights Maryland

Dana Beyer is executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, the state’s transgender political organization, which worked the gender identity bill to passage this year.  A retired eye surgeon who was a candidate for the Maryland state Senate in 2014, she is chair of the national advisory board of Freedom to Work and writes a weekly column for the Huffington Post.

Dana has been an advocate on public health issues, including research on the effects of DES and endocrine disruptors on human sexuality and reproduction. She was lead staffer passing the first county-wide ban of artificial transfats in the U.S.–a ban that will be extended nationwide later this year. She recently served on the Rules Committee of the national Democratic Party and has twice run for state Delegate in District 18. Dana has been VP of Equality Maryland and Maryland NOW, an HRC Governor, and a board member of Mobile Med and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

She is currently on the board of Keshet, the national Jewish LGBT organization, and on the steering committee of Progressive Neighbors, Montgomery County’s leading progressive advocacy organization. She led the coalitions that passed the Baltimore, Howard and Montgomery County gender identity anti-discrimination laws, and defended the Montgomery County law against national right-wing forces in 2008. She was on the workgroup at the Washington Psychiatric Society that wrote the Gender Dysphoria text for the DSM 5, declassifying being transgender as a mental disorder.

She was the first out trans graduate of the Senior Executive Program in State and Local Government at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 


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