Shaun Goldstone

Program Specialist, JDC FSU

Shaun Goldstone's start at JDC has provided him with a unique and comprehensive awareness of the inner workings of the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian aid organization. He joined the organization in 2013 as an FSU program specialist following two years of rigorous volunteer service with JDC. Currently based in New York, Shaun is responsible for raising the profile in the United States of JDC's FSU humanitarian and Jewish renewal programming, as well as fostering collaborations between his department and its partner organizations in the U.S.

Shaun first learned about the rewards and complexities of international Jewish involvement when he served as a Jewish Service Corps Fellow in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 2011.  He worked directly with Dr. Rick Hodes, JDC's Ethiopia medical director and a recognized CNN hero, to further Dr. Hodes' mission of delivering life-saving medical care in Ethiopia.

In April 2012, Shaun co-chaired a JDC young professionals' trip to Haiti to participate in JDC's post-earthquake relief work. As the 2012-2013 Ralph I. Goldman Fellow in International Service, Shaun's involvement in JDC's global work intensified. Through the prestigious fellowship, he gained a personal understanding of the intricate global Jewish issues faced by JDC.

During the fellowship, Shaun resided in New York, St. Petersburg, Shanghai and Tallinn, and traveled to Israel, Istanbul, London, Finland, Latvia, Poland and Hungary to learn about JDC’s work around the globe. 


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