Jenna Aidikoff

Co-Founder, LiveUp Programs

Jenna Aidikoff co-founded LiveUp Programs, a volunteer organization that coordinates long weekend programs for adults with Down syndrome. The idea for LiveUp Programs was born in 2009, when she realized that there was limited programming for adults with special needs.  Spurred on and motivated by her sisters, Jenna went on to co-found the organization.

LiveUp Programs focuses on developing social and life skills as well as healthy living. It also promotes the idea that we can all volunteer by completing a “give-back” project in each city visited. Today the organization reaches from coast-to-coast and prides itself on providing "the best weekend of the year" for over 100 people each year.

Jenna is the proud older sister of Kerri, a director of LiveUp Programs, and Lauren, who has Down syndrome.


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