Shira Ruderman

Israel Director, Ruderman Family Foundation

Shira Ruderman is an Israeli philanthropist who serves as the Israel director of the Ruderman Family Foundation. She has extensive management experience including chairwoman of Kesher - the NGO for special families - and as board member of various international organizations including the Anti-Defamation League and the JDC. Shira initiates and leads innovative social and public projects to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities into society. She is a member of the Israeli “Committed to Give” group, which encourages private philanthropy in Israel. Through her activism, she represents a new approach to Israeli philanthropy, which espouses strategic and involved giving and social entrepreneurship. Shira holds a BA in education and an MA in public policy from Hebrew University. During her military service, she commanded a course in the IDF’s intelligence unit. She gives expression to values that are at the heart of the Ruderman Family Foundation, including mobilizing voluntarism and leadership development.

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